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Welcome to our new studio in Greenpoint!

Professional massage in the heart of Cape Town,

allowing you to make space in your active life to care for yourself.



A rejuvenating, soothing massage with Swedish strokes and attention to pressure points to ease your muscles and melt your stress away.


A signature medium to hard 

massage focussed on tension areas and including mild stretching to 

avert injury. Recommended for

 those who seek professional 

massage on a regular basis.


A firm pressure massage designed 

to get deep into your tissue and aid 

in muscle recovery. Perfect for  physically active people, or those 

with chronic stress points.

Neck/Shoulder/Back MASSAGE

A proper massage focusing exclusively on your Neck, Shoulder and Back area. You tell us where to spend more time and the pressure you want. A good and proper massage to relieve pain and distress from areas that most people gather their stress and knots.


Significantly reduce your stress and relax with a firm reflexology massage. We will undo the effects of the hard day by undoing the knots from your ankles to toes, ball, arch and heal of your foot. A foot massage will get your whole body back in the shape it deserves to be..


30 minutes / R300 R150

60 minutes / R500 R250

90 minutes / R700 R350

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